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2021 Endowment Applications Now Available!

Do you know about a great program or worthy cause that could use a financial boost?  Or what about a capital project within Zion that needs funding?  Zion members may now apply for 2021 grants from the Mission Endowment Fund and the Capital Improvement Endowment Fund.

Applications for the 2021 funding year are now available in the church office, in the family life center and online from Zion’s website at  If you download the application, you can enter all information using a computer.  It is a “fill in the blanks” document that can be saved on a computer.  After you have entered all the information, please print a copy and mail it to the church office.  If your information does not fit in the space available in the form, you will need to create and attach supplemental sheets.  Make sure all the information you wish to submit appears clearly in the final package you mail to the church office.  Applications may also be filled in by hand or with a typewriter.

All applications must be submitted and sponsored by an active member of Zion.  Each Capital Improvement application must be accompanied by a Mission application from the same sponsor.  In consideration of funding needs during the pandemic, the grant cycle has been accelerated for 2021.  As a result, applications must be received by the church office no later than December 28, 2020.  Apply early – now is the time to get involved in “bringing mission to life!”

Zion Endowment

“Bringing Mission to Life”

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