Zion Endowment


Zion Lutheran Church, Waterville, Ohio, to celebrate Mission Sunday on October 21, 2018

Zion will celebrate the 14th year of distributing awards from its Endowment Fund toward mission programs and capital improvement projects during both the 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. worship services on October 21, 2018.  Representatives of 21 mission programs and four capital improvement projects have been invited to join in the acknowledgment and celebration of these gifts.

The guest speaker at both services will be the Rev. Todd Mills, Congregational Relations Officer for Capital University and Trinity Lutheran Seminary.  Along with his sermon, Todd will discuss the recent union of Trinity Lutheran Seminary and Capital University and the opportunities being created for both institutions.

This year the Endowment Fund is awarding $108,000 toward mission programs and $12,000 toward capital improvement projects at Zion.  The Endowment Committee thanks all of Zion’s members who have embraced this program by submitting applications and participating in the voting process to help “Bring Mission to Life.”  Please join us in celebrating these gifts that benefit our church, our community, and our global neighbors.


Zion Endowment

“Bringing Mission to Life”

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